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Breathe Freely Breathing Training


Improve your breathing with our simple training exercise

Follow along with this simple breathing training exercise and you will find that, over time, your breathing should become easier. Based on the Buteyko technique which has been shown to improve several breathing related conditions by encouraging nose breathing.

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This mp3 audio recording will help you to re-train yourself to breathe in a more beneficial way.

All you need to do is to download the recording, find someone to sit comfortably and follow the instructions given.

The exercise comprises of 8 levels. Go as far through the levels as you can (do not force yourself beyond your comfort level). Make a note each day of your progress.

Completing Level 1 indicates that your lung CO2% is 3.50%

Each subsequent level progressively increases the breathe-hold count by five seconds until it reaches a time count of forty seconds at level 8.

Completing Level 2 indicates that your lung CO2% is 4.00%

Completing Level 3 indicates that your lung CO2% is 4.25%

Completing Level 4 indicates that your lung CO2% is 4.50%

Completing Level 5 indicates that your lung CO2% is 4.75%

Completing Level 6 indicates that your lung CO2% is 5.00%

Completing Level 7 indicates that your lung CO2% is 5.25%

Level 8 indicates that your lung CO2% is 5.50% and you have reached your goal and attained the required level for what is considered to be a healthy person.

Be sure to check with your doctor or other medical practitioner before carrying out this exercise if you are at all concerned. This is NOT intended as a replacement to any other prescribed medication, although you may find that it will help alleviate symptoms over time. Continue to carry our your doctor's instructions until they say otherwise. Do not continue if you feel at all uncomfortable at any time.


Breathe Freely Instructions

Detailed Instructions on how to use the Breathe Freely recording

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