Beat the Multistage Fitness Test – Better Than The Bleep

Beat the Multistage Fitness Test – Better Than The Bleep

Many organisations, such as the Police, Fire, Ambulance and Military Services such as SAS, Army, Marines and RAF require you to complete a Multi Stage Fitness Test upon entry.  Part of this test will comprise of the Multi Stage Fitness Test.  This test is also commonly called a Bleep Test, MSFT, Shuttle Run, Beep Test or Yo Yo test.

If you want to easily pass that test, we think the best way is to train with something harder!  Jump straight to our Better Than The Bleep Test.

If you’re doing it as part of an entrance exam or just for fun, this test is used as an excellent indicator of personal fitness.

The idea is to pace yourself as you run between two markers with the intention of arriving at the next marker just as the bleep sounds. As the test proceeds, the time between the bleeps gets slightly shorter ensuring that you run faster on each level.  If you miss a marker then you’re out and the test ends – simple as that!

Not many people, apart from top athletes, can get to the end of this bleep test (Level 23) can you?

This bleep test is a great way of judging improvement your general level of fitness. The Bleep Test can be carried out just about anywhere where you have a flat area where you can mark out the course.  All you need is to start is a tape measure, some chalk or another way of marking the course and the audio test itself, wait for the first bleep and off you go!

The college of policing says on their website that “You should run to your optimum level without reaching exhaustion. You will need to reach a minimum of four shuttles at level 5 to pass the recruitment test.”  On their site they have the exact 17 level (easier) test used in the entrance exam available to download if you’d like to try it out.

Our unique version of the bleep test recording was digitally created by our very own system to give you a workout that is designed to be HARDER than the test you will be taking as part of your exam – If you can do this test, achieving the same level in your fitness exam should be a breeze.  Play them side-by-side and you’ll notice the difference.

Here is what you need for the Better Than The Bleep Fitness Test:

  • A flat running surface.
  • Some chalk.
  • The test.

Mark out two lines, 15 metres apart, with the chalk.  Stand at one of the lines.  Start the audio and RUN.

These types of multi stage fitness tests should only be attempted if you are already at a suitable level of fitness. This kind of shuttle run or bleep test is what is called a maximal test intended to measure the maximum endurance of the candidate which means you will be pushed to the limit when you take the test. Only a handful of people can get to the end of this particular fitness test (Level 23). Pro athletes can finish the bleep test, are you in the same fitness league?

Try Our 15 Metre Bleep Test


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